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Gold Medal for Maleas at the Domina IOOC 2017

Sep. 02, 2017

Gold Medal for Maleas at the Domina IOOC International OliveOil Contest 2017.
329 labels from 21 countries were participating.

The great news were announced from the lovely Palermo - Italy on May 2017.
The contest is one of the first five worldwide according to WREVOO (World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive oil).
The event has distinguished itself for the professionalism of its 16 international judges and for the exceptional quality of the entry samples.

Gravure of the Maleas lighthouse.
“…I might have reached my native land unscathed, but just as I doubled Malea’s cape, a tide-rip and the North Wind drove me way off course, careering past Cythera.”

Homer’s Odyssey, Book IX, 79-82, 8th century B.C.