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Prestige Gold medal for Maleas at Terraolivo 2017!

Sep. 02, 2017

Terraolivo MIOOC is the most important international Olive Oil competition in the area of the eastern Mediterranean and Asia.

It is because of the number of samples growing annually and growing production areas, last edition with more than 629 samples from more than 60 production areas.
Furthermore, it is important for the quality of its international judges, who are the best specialists in Tasting Olive Oil around the world, and key personalities in their origin countries.
Terraolivo is one of five Key Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competitions in the world.

Maleas won the Prestige Gold award at Terraolivo Israel Interantional Olive Oil Competition 2017!

Gravure of the Maleas lighthouse.
“…I might have reached my native land unscathed, but just as I doubled Malea’s cape, a tide-rip and the North Wind drove me way off course, careering past Cythera.”

Homer’s Odyssey, Book IX, 79-82, 8th century B.C.