In line with local tradition, the olive trees are pruned intensively so that they regenerate and their crowns remain small and accessible. Due to the small plots and rugged terrain, the olives are not harvested by machine. The choicest fresh olives are hand-selected.

The two finest Greek varieties, the more familiar Koroneiki and the rarer native Athinoelia, both thrive in the soils of Laconia.

“…Terrifying Maleas, grim, withdrawn and livid, now sends the foam of his anger through his ashen-yellow, dismembered reflection…Weatherbeaten fissures were engraved on the cliff’s vertical sides, like wrinkles on the face of a wild Giant…”

Athena Tarsouli, “Castles and Cities of the Morea”, 1936

Their early-maturing biological cycle, which has developed along with the endemic flora of the region, endows MALEAS olive oil with its unique character. The intensity of its aromas and flavours gives the oil a noble and absolutely distinct character.

Cold pressing is carried out on day of harvest at < 27 °C.